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Welcome to hortonsoandp.com,the official website of Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics. We would like tothank you for taking the time to access this site. As you will see thissite is committed to delivering information pertaining to orthopedic, orthotic and prosthetic health related issues.

 At Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics ,
patients are unique peoplewith widely varying abilities, goals, concerns and potential. As part of our comprehensive care, experienced Horton practitioners assess these considerations in light of the physician's prescription, and then we use our extensive resources to devise the best orthotic or prosthetic response. Horton staff members have devoted their skills to the physical restoration of residents throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond.

It is our goal as healthcareproviders to educate the general public on specific uses of orthoticprosthetics, and pedorthics; while continuing our efforts in the areaof advocacy for members of our community.

 Horton facilities meet the mostdemanding standards of excellence in laboratory fabrication equipmentand procedures as well patient care norms. Modern technology andrevolutionary new materials allow our skilled technicians to fabricateexceptional quality products. Horton's professional staff excels indesigning custom orthoses that answer specific or multiple needs. Prefabricated orthoses can be modified to improve function or adapt toa particular situation.

 If you have any questions after viewing this site please feel free to contact us and you will be assisted as soon as possible.Thanks again for taking the time to visit us online!

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